9 Great Scuba Diving Locations

Whether you’re a scuba pro or looking for the perfect spot to take your first dive, check out this great sites. We’ve picked our favorite places to take the plunge, where there’s also plenty of things to see.





Katedrala Cave – Premuda Island

The bay on the southwest side of Premuda, located 2 NM from Place Premuda. Cave diving in vast underwater tunnels and passageways where you can see the light rays of sunshine through the open ceiling of the cave. The upper entrance is at a depth of 11 m while the lower entrance to the cave at a depth of 30 m. The bottom of the cave is covered with pearly white sand. An unforgettable diving!


Katedrala, approach from shallows

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Wreck Etnea (Tihany) – Unije Island

Cargo ship. 60 m long, lies at a depth of 35 m. It is located at the entrance to the port of the island Unije near the small island kolji . Dive is organised only for advanced divers. Diving takes place around the wreck and diving into the wreck is not recommended due to residual metal that can injure divers and the risk of interference.
An interesting sites are the remains of amphorae near the stern of the wreck which gives us a thought that under this wreck is another wreck but much older.



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Srakane Wall – Male Srakane Island

Location is on the southwest side of the island Male Srakane down the vertical wall of rare beauty. Up to a depth of 45 meters You can see the wealth of underwater flora (Golden anemone) and a multitude of fish that inhabit the site. Due to the vertical wall sites is not recommended for divers who have not mastered the maintenance of neutral buoyancy.


M.Srakane, exit zone



Margarina – Susak Island

Dive location is located on the southern side of the island of Susak. The large reef edge breaks and is falling from 5 m depth to a depth of 40 m creating a beautifull marine wall with abundance of flora and fauna. Nearby are the archaeological remains (Roman marble columns and roof tiles).


Pt. Margarina, tilea

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Srakane Cave – Male Srakane Island

Srakane cave is located on the south side of island of male Srakane and the arrival is possible only by boat. The entrance to the cave is located at 9 m, inside there is a passage and small gallery. Nearby there is a nice marine wall that drops to a depth of 40 meters which makes it an ideal location for all diving categories.


M.Srakane, exit zone

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Shallow Mišnjak – Unije Island

Shallow Mišnjak is located in the Unije channel and the arrival is possible only by boat. On the north side of the shallow Mišnjak you can find many small caves, and the top of it is located at approximately 6 m of depth. The diversity of plant and animal life in particular offer a diver an exellent location for underwater photography.


Mišnjak, passage

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Susak Wall – Susak Island

Dive location is in the south part of island of Susak. We dive along a vertical cliff that follows the coast in bright and crystal clear water that guarantee a wonderful dive.


View of the town beach from the Susak village on the hill

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Krivica – Lošinj Island

At Krivica wall divers should follow the south side of the coast of the island of Losinj in front of the entrance in Krivica bay. The complex cascade of rocks with an abundance of marine life. Fascinating night diving for all diving categories.


Mali Lošinj

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Zabodaski – Zabodaski Island

The small island west of the entrance to the bay of Mali Losinj. The wall, which is almost from the surface down to 42 m is rich underwater world. Because of proximity it makes it ideal location for the first dives after the course or as part of mastering the course.


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