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SUB SEA SON – SSI Scuba Schools International Instructor Training Dive Center is based on the idyllic island Lošinj, one of the pearls of the Adriatic sea in town Mali Lošinj which lies mostly on the eastern, sunny side of the island.



SSI Divers Diamond

The Diver Diamond represents the four critical components necessary for successful diver development; proper knowledge, proper skills, proper equipment, and proper experience.

Who we are

Headed by Scuba Schools International Instructor Trainer Neno Starčić, standards of safety & quality of Instructional experience are the fundamental base on which SUB SEA SON is founded. Offering a wide variety of recreational Scuba Diving courses, SUB SEA SON is developing & adding courses continuously to complement our professional level programs. With a solid philosophy of not just conducting dive courses but creating good divers, our professional level training from SSI Dive Guide to Dive Control Specialist Instructor, producing high quality & highly respected professionals who have gone on to find employment in their dreams jobs.


You can be confident in the high caliber of training you will receive from the SSI authorized Partner. SSI is clearly a name to trust in the diving world, and we attribute that success to our uncompromising standards and focused methodology.


Dive leader and owner of this ITC Neno Starčić, which have more than 20 years of experience in diving buissiness is also responsable that every student is given the best scuba training and has the ultimate scuba experience every time. With SSI and Neno as a dive leader you are in good hand to enjoy in your scuba dive adventures and more…


Discover a new world! Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue! Experience new adventures and explore undiscovered worlds. Make new friends! Scuba Diving is much easier than you might think! Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into a new world! Scuba diving is a wonderful sport that offers everything from heart-pumping action to quiet relaxation.


At SSI, we don’t want you to just learn to dive; we want you to love to dive. You will love learning the SSI way, because we make every step of your scuba experience fun!

Meet Our Team

Neno Starčić

SSI IT – Instructor Trainer

Dive leader SSI IT (dive pro 15169), owner of ITC SUB SEA SON diving center, responsable that every student is given the best scuba training and has the ultimate scuba experiance.

Marjan Radović

SSI AOWI – Advanced Instructor

SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor (dive pro 15286), professional undewater photographer, responsable for SSI specialty course for underwater photography (marjanradovic.com).

Zrinka Ettinger Starčić

SSI TS – Training Specialist

Training Specialist (dive pro 28239) for SSI Underwater Archaeology course, as an archeologist she is a perfect source of information in the field of underwater archaeology.

Srečko Trstenjak

SSI DCS – Dive Control Specialist

SSI Dive Control Specialist (dive pro 63542), underwater videographer responsable for documenting and filming your moments in the sea (art-a.eu).



SSI - Scuba Schools International - www.diveSSI.com - Online Training & Services

Our Services

SUB SEA SON is the right place to help you get the most out of your diving experience through our range of quality services, and we are confident in meeting all of your needs & expectations. Check our price list.

Scuba School

To offer our divers a wide range of choice and better suit your needs we offer SSI Courses. While it’s true that the science, skills and techniques that you need to master are all the same, there are differences in the ways this can be taught.

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Equipment Service

Only formal training in the repair and maintenance of dive equipment such as that received from approved, world recognized dive industry leader SCUBAPRO, can ensure the continuing safe and reliable operation of life support equipment.

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Fun Diving

As much as we love sharing our passion for diving and passing on our experience when teaching divers, we love to go out fun diving too. The simple pleasure of fish watching and critter hunting is why we dip below the surface!

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Dive Center

We aimed to create a small yet professional and friendly dive centre which offers a high quality of tuition and service. We wanted to create a dive centre that we would like to dive in. You are welcome to come in, have a look around and meet the team.

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SSI - Scuba Schools International - www.diveSSI.com - Online Training & Services


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SUB SEA SON – SSI Instructor Training Center

Del Conte 1, 51550 Mali Lošinj, Croatia

T.: +385 98 294 887

E.: info@subseason.com

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